Sydney’s Avatar

I recently made my avatar based off of how I want to look. 😀

I made her look like how I want to look in real life, which is why she doesn’t look like me. She has cat ears because I own a few cat ears, so I made her have them.  I used the Portrait Illustration Maker. Here is the link: I made her have a purple shirt because purple is probably my favorite color to be honest. I love dark purples, but the lilac shade in her eyes is beautiful too.

Fun fact: I did originally want to have her tongue out and winking, but there was no winking eyes ;-;. My hair is not actually black (or as long as I made it) but that’s the color I want to have so she has black hair. I actually made this character in another avatar maker app and the mouth was the closest to the mouth I used in that app. Oh, and I don’t have glasses, nor does she.

I tried to recreate the character from the other app but in this app. I couldn’t make her hair as long as it really is or make her have an eye patch but, this is the best I could do. 😀